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Remember the time when the internet didn't exist and all your video game hype came from friends and passionate discussion? If so, then this is the video game show for you. Hosted by Gold Mountain, Play-Select is a show dedicated to the love of video games and it players. Stay tuned for the latest rumours, hype pre-game play videos, interviews and prize giveaways every week!

Hyper Genki:

A show dedicated to what some might consider the bizarre world of Japanese culture, Hyper Genki keeps you in the loop with details on the hottest trends with anime, toys, music and everyones favourite: super hyper weird exciting Japanese television commercials! Hosted by our two resident Japanophiles Misa and Mishy!

Ask Gold: 

Got a question for Gold Mountain? He will answer anything. Currently on a quick hiatus, this show will be back on after Gold defeats his nemesis shark on top of an exploding volcano. We promise.

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