PLAYASIATV Crew Profiles

Gold Mountain
Host of Play-Select 
Head of PR for

As a Rapper, Gold Mountain has been spearheading the propagation and development of Hip Hop in Hong Kong, and is well regarded in the local music scene, whether it be through performances, beat production, emceeing, collaborating or educating those – including himself – in the minute and grand details of Hip Hop. Most recently, Gold Mountain found himself performing for a 400 Million live audience over 60 international channels at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Macau, and is the first Rapper from Hong Kong perform on such a scale. 

As a Personality, Gold Mountain has his own television show with popular local venue Magnum as well as a lifestyle show about video games called Play-Select. He is the first Chinese host of such a medium and has gained a steady international audience for the latter.

As a Producer, his familiarity with Beat Production has aided in his eclectic approach to commercial works. Currently, Gold Mountain is working on Music Production for Television Commercials, Sound Design, and Video Game Scoring as well exploring his own musical and artistic endeavours.

Instagram: goldmtn
Twitter: emceegoldmtn
Facebook: Gold Mountain

Arne Venema
Creator of Play-Select
Head of Media Production

Behind the scenes and our maestro of production, Arne Venema has been heavily involved in all aspects of film and cinema - award winning in his own right, he now brings his expertise to as the Head of Media Production. 

Responsible for creating all the shows you see on PlayAsiaTV, Arne will show up in front of the camera from time to time, but that's only if you can spot him! Otherwise, see him on the streets of Hong Kong filming music videos,
 short features as well as television commercials. 

An avid pop culture lover and collector, aside from creating all the content for PlayAsiaTV, Arne is taking his knowledge from all these aforementioned elements and is currently working on his very first video game.

Instagram: hyperobot
Twitter: hyperobot
Facebook: Arne Venema
PSN/XBLA: Rumble Soda

Hardy Pace
The PC-Guy
Player 2

Hardy fell in love with competitive video games as soon as he was old enough to understand the strategy behind his favorite titles. Growing up on RTS and ARTS/MOBA games, you could always find him in the nearest LAN center playing DotA and StarCraft: Brood War with friends. 

That love of competition and video games alike paved Hardy's way into the professional League of Legends scene - where he provided journalism covering multiple facets of the eSports community and hopes to bring his knowledge to PlayAsiaTV for future content. Heavily invested in PC gaming, and PC hardware, his excitement about the video game industry knows no platform-discrimination. 

Keen to be playing lots of games with Gold Mountain and the rest of PlayAsiaTV; Hardy hopes to bring analysis and a great deal of fun to the channel. 

Twitter: hardypace
Facebook: Hardy Pace

Ethan Lau
Master of 3D

Anytime you see anything that is 3D on one of the PlayAsiaTV shows, then you know the magic alchemic master is working in the background. From creating, modelling, and designing all the 3D work, this man constantly surprises us with objects we never knew we needed, but always wanted. 

Working in tandem with Arne, Ethan is responsible for the aforementioned, as well as helping out with video editing and shooting. When he isn't doing so he returns to the corner as you can see here in this picture. 

An avid NBA, GTA, and FPS fan, Ethan is a welcome addition to our ever-growing team! 

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