Friday, April 5, 2013

Deadly Premotion HD, Shenmue 3 (for real) & Metal Gear Solid 5 - Play-Select: Episode 31

We're back with lot's of genuine news and a full list of what we faked for our April Fools Episode. For the most exciting news from the East & the West in video games, watch what we got here. Oh...and we reveal who our mystery person was regarding last weeks prize competition.

Justin Bieber:
Gundam Breaker:
GoW Judgement:
Vampire Ressurection:
Bioshock Infinite:
Dragon's Crown:
Deadly Premonition:
GoW Ascension:
Tomb Raider:

Host: Gold Mountain
Special Guest/Answer ?: Jonnic Lee Thompsett
Prize Girl: Jacqueline Tse -
Episode 30 Prize Girl: Egyptk Kwan
Sidekick: Jay Li
Intro: Mathew Blaize
Directed, Shot & Edited by Arne Venema
Special thanks: Mike Chan

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