Monday, June 3, 2013

Play-Select: Episode 35 - Shenmue 3, D&D, and If My Heart Had Wings~

Last Episode before E3! Happens to be our One Year Anniversary too!
Plus info on our first podcast interview:


Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara E-Capcom Edition:
Dragon's Crown:
If My Heart Had Wings:
Dodonpachi: Saidaioujou
Resident Evil: Revelations:

Host: Gold Mountain - instagram: goldmtn Twitter@emceegoldmtn
Prize Girl: Egyptk Kwan - instagram: egyptk
Subscribe Girl: Mizer Lau - instagram: Mizerlj
Intro Sequence: Mathew Blaize
Directed/Shot/Edited by Arne Venema instagram: hyperobot Twitter@hyperobot
Sturmwind Soundbite: A Man Named Mario
Floaty Hearts by: Foon Wong~~~

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