Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nobou Uematsu and Hip Hop

So about a week ago, I had the chance to finally meet one of my musical mentors. If you aren't aware, Uematsu-San has been responsible for almost all the music for the venerable Final Fantasy series from SquareEnix - anyway, he had a concert in town and I HAD TO SEE IT.

And while the concert probably the best musical experience I've been to, nothing beats this:

That's right my select Play-Select viewers - an original signed copy - it's like his first album ever!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. With Uematsu-san's works, it always blew me away to know that he had never classically trained himself with music - in every which way, he is a child prodigy. 

Now this makes his music even more interesting, especially for players - we go though stages grinding away listening to the same tunes and it never gets stale. And that being said, and long story short, his music has inspired me so much with Hip Hop beat making; I mean some of that ish just repeats!

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