Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saints Row 4 Pre-emptive Gold's Choice?

Just played some Saints Row 4 :)

No spoilers, so what I can say is that:

1) Nut punching is back with an aplomb. I guess it needed to be more aggressive as I'm assuming our new alien foes have more than the required 2.

2) You are the President of the World and you are clocking your citizens in the bun zhao.

3) I made the most hideous character ever. Again. And I love her 100% sex appeal.

So just a mini one here, but trust me on this; if you enjoyed SR3, play it! I WUB SR4 (sorry).

Shout outs to Namco Bandai, Volition, and Deep Silver!

Peace Outside! Add me on Coop! GoldMTN!

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