Sunday, December 1, 2013

Play-Select Episode 43 - Next Gen Blowout !! Metal Gear Solid 5, Fall Out 4 & More !

We looks at some of the killer apps to be released on the PS4 such as Metal Gear Solid 5, Fall Out 4, Infamous 2nd Son, Thief, a new Uncharted and More! We got games, hot girls and more!

Playstation 4 Console -
Metal Gears Solid 5: Ground Zeroes -
Metal Gears Solid 5: The Phantom Pain -
Thief -
Infamous 2nd Son -
Uncharted -
Destiny -

Host: Gold Mountain
Prize Girl: Lovecrazy Rachel (instagram: Lovera129)
Sidekick: Jay Li
Intro Sequence: Matt Blaize
Edited by Ethan Lau & Arne Venema
Directed/Shot & Music by Arne Venema

Behind the Scenes:

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