Friday, December 6, 2013

Play-Select Episode 45 - Atlus to revamp Sega, Lindsay Lohan is angry & a more!

Play-Select 45 tells how Atlus not only makes some killer games for themselves BUT will do so for some classic Sega titles we then find out how a classic and cinematic game will be heading to the box office and talk about the future of Dragon's Quest BUT EVEN IF THAT doesn't satisfy you we also have a crazy bit of news about non other than Lindsay Lohan who is determined to prove who the real rockstar in town is! Play-Select 45 is here!

Host: Gold Mountain
Prize Girl: Strawberry Icy (instagram - strawberryicy)
Sidekick: Jay Li
Intro Sequence: Mathew Blaize
Edited by Ethan Lau & Arne Venema
Directed/Shot/Edited & Music by Arne Venema

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